Call and Response, by Carol Russell.

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As I lie in the ditch of despair I cannot even cry for help. If I did would anyone come? Is there anyone out there who could touch me deep enough to make a difference? No-one is interested in a woebegone, head held low, shuffle along like me. I am wounded and broken. Battered by the raging storms of life. So many have passed me by and either they have ignored me or just not seen me. Maybe I don’t really exist at all. I’m obviously not worth anything to anyone. The rich wouldn’t come near the likes of me, and the poor have problems of their own. Is there no-one to hear my cry? No-one that can reach the depths of me and bring light to the darkness that is invading my inner most being? I’m drowning in the darkness. There must be a light that can penetrate the void. Surely there must be!

I am the Light of the world. Lift your eyes and look into mine. Look deep and I will look into all your dark places and bring My light of love. I will woo you gently, caressing your soul with kindness. Binding up your brokenness and filling the cracks with gold making them beautiful. Bit by bit banishing the darkness until all you see is the light of My presence. Never will you be alone again. Never will you be left by the wayside, neglected. I came in search of you, the one who was lost, and I have found you. I rejoice that I can carry you home with Me and on the journey, I will share with you the things of My kingdom. I will lavish My love on you as you release to Me your pain. Come. Take My hand and follow Me.