I still believe. By Carol Russell

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I STILL BELIEVE You’re the God of the breakthrough when the way ahead is barredYou’re the God of the miracle when the sick lay ill and scarredWhen the blind don’t see and the lame don’t run and the mountain stands … Read More

Mother’s Day by Carol Russell

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A Parent’s PerspectiveHappy Mother’s Day! A day to remember and be grateful for our mums andmotherhood in general. And if you are a mum, to have a little bit of a selfindulgent day! Eat the last chocolate in the box, … Read More

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story. By Carol Russell. It was a silent night. Every inn, tavern, Air B&B was full as full could be. People had travelled, long distances some of them, to comply with the decree issued by Caesar Augustus. Bethlehem … Read More