At CVCC we are committed to protecting your privacy as legislated by The Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 which covers the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) giving you a greater say in how your data is held and used (processed) by organisations, including charities such as CVCC.

We have adopted a new policy to help ensure that we comply with DPA, which is available on request.  This policy includes the principles of the DPA, how we can and do use your data, maintain confidentiality, how we store your data and your rights regarding the data we hold.

Communication within the Church is very important, we want to let you know about things that are going on and keep each other informed of various activities in the life of the Church.  For some of this we need your consent.

In particular, your consent is needed to include you in our digital Church Directory, held by ChurchSuite, which will provide individual’s contact details for use within CVCC. Through ChurchSuite you are in control of what data you wish to share and can remove it or alter it at any time.  If you would subsequently like your information to be removed from the Church Directory and would no longer wish to receive communications from CVCC, please inform us by selecting the appropriate option on the form below.

To help ensure we keep you information safe, we intend to:

  • Respect your privacy by only sending emails, texts (and similar electronic messages) from CVCC in relation to areas you have expressed an interest in or that we consider you would benefit from knowing regarding the life of the Church.
  • Send out church-wide group emails
  • Use ‘named emails’ only where you are in a working or interest group, that you have agreed to be a part of, so that you can reply to all making it easier for discussions.
  • Send only urgent Church Notifications through Whatsapp.
  • Not share any individual’s information with a third party unless there is a lawful reason to do so.
  • Ensure that your data is kept in as secure manner as is reasonably practical.

Please provide the contact details you are willing to include in the Church Directory on the form below. Please also include which communications you wish to be included in.

Children's names with email and phone number if parent / guardian consents. (parent / guardian to complete this.)
If you choose to have your details removed, the CVCC office will contact you to confirm.
If you choose to no longer receive the newsletters and other communications, the CVCC office will contact you to confirm.

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