I still believe. By Carol Russell

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You’re the God of the breakthrough when the way ahead is barred
You’re the God of the miracle when the sick lay ill and scarred
When the blind don’t see and the lame don’t run and the mountain stands defiant in our path
We will declare that you are faithful through gritted teeth and tear stained face
We declare that you are good with our faces to the floor
We feel so weak, we’re desperate with nothing left to give
But we hold on to you who is our strength

You know that we are weak
You know that we are frail
You know like grass we’re here and then we’re gone

But an empty cross speaks life into the weak, the frail, the dead,
It speaks a victory that cannot be undone
It beats out a rhythm that sounds across eternity
The heartbeat of heaven. The heartbeat of love.
Love that absorbs the questions. The anger. The pain.
And with compassion and tenderness reaches out.
The arms that once were nailed upon calvary,
Now carry us when we can go no more.
There are times that we lose sight of Him
Times when our path is dark
Times when we just don’t understand
But if we can still our minds and still our hearts
And breathe
And listen for the rhythm.  Listen for the beat
We might just hear the heartbeat of heaven.
He’s for us. He’s with us. He intercedes for us.
And even when we shout ‘where are you God?’
In a still small voice He whispers ‘I am here.’