Here are the recording of previous CVCC Sunday morning talks.


  • 16th June Phil speaks on Father’s Day.
  • 9th June Sam concludes “A trumpet call to women and men.”
  • 26th May Richard: The road to Emmaus.
  • 19th May Yeovil Community Church #2
  • 19th May. Yeovil Community Church join CVCC. #1
  • 12th May Sam: A trumpet call to women and men, part 1.
  • 28th April Anita speaks on Song of Songs.
  • 21st April. Phil continues the series Practical guide to following our calling and destiny.
  • 14th April Claude finishes the Share Jesus Course.
  • 7th April. Colin speaks about Peter.
  • 17th March. Claude give part 2 of the Share Jesus Course.
  • 10th March. Carol: In a pit with a lion on a snowy day.
  • 25th February. Claude gives part 1 of the Share Jesus course – My Way.
  • 18th February Susanna continues the series of Practical guide to fulfilling your destiny from Hebrews 2.
  • 11th February. Claude begins the Share Jesus course.
  • 4th February. Ruth Motion shares her testimony of how God called her.
  • 28th January. Vision Sunday.
  • 25th January. Vision Meeting.
  • 21st January. Jackie shares her personal story of following calling.
  • 14th January Colin launches our new series: A practical guide to fulfilling our destiny.





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